Mabel's Free Clinic

Two cultures united with the same objective ~ "Health and Education"

Tour Information

Mabel's Clinic Tour Information

To arrange a tour, call Dick Turner at 956 502 3700

Tour Mabel's Free Clinic

and the Nuevo Progreso Area

in our 15 passanger van

Tour Information

  • Who was Mabel?
  • Tour the Clinic!
  • Discover its origins and learn what happens there.
  • Drive through several colonias and see how people off the main street really live.

    Tour stops include:

  • A Rural School
  • A historical Church
  • A Unique Cemetery

    Have lunch in Nuevo Progroso and try the local food.

    Join us for a fun tour (Allow 4 to 5 hours)

    Taking A Tour

    Donations are much appreciated. The donations are used for gasoline, upkeep and insurance on the van. The van is used to transport school children in Nuevo Progreso from schools to the clinic for their medical, dental and eye care.

    Feel free to bring small items to pass out at the colonias: crayons, fruit, shampoo, soap, shoes, etc.

    Suggested donations to the Clinic are $25 per person.

    To arrange a tour, call Dick at 956 502 3700

Tour Bus and Guides

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