Mabel's Free Clinic

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We have restarted optometric surgery in our clinic with 7 cataract surgeries and 19 ptyerigium surgeries in October, 2017. With the expertise of Dr Calles, an opthalmologic 
surgeon from Reynosa, and a volunteer nursing staff, the surgeries were performed in a 2 day period.

The clinic would like to continue these surgeries, but we struggle to finance the costs of the necessary equipment and supplies to conduct this surgery. 

A list has been prepared of our current needs to keep this surgical area open and return vision to these unfortunate people.  We are now concentrating on pterygium surgery and we have successfully operated on more than 100 patients diagnosed with pterygium, a common eye problem in Mexico.

Our first pterigium patient

We have an optometrist working one day a week and a volunteer staff that checks visual acuity in 14 schools in Nuevo Progreso.

We give optometric care to 600 to 700 patients every year.

School students continue to have visual examinations at the following Colonias: 
Canales (Primary & Secondaria) 
La Posta (Primary & Secondaria) 
Buena Vista (Primary
 & Secondaria
Las Flores(Primary) 
Vera Cruz (Primary) 
El Rosario (Primary) 
Rio Rico (Primary) 
Nuevo Progreso (Secondaria) 
Ford (Primary) 
Hidalgo (Primary) 
Santo Domingo (Primary) 

Those needing treatment are transported to the clinic (with parental consent) for examination by the doctors.
Thousands of eyeglasses have been given free. 

Visiting Ophthalmologists and Optometrists have screened for optometric problems and have corrected pterygium ailments on over 200 patients.  


Eye surgery in progress.

Eye Examination Room